Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Berpindah Lokasi

I've moved here

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009...

Apart from the US Presidential Election, terror attacks in Mumbai and the escalating tension in the Arab-Israeli conflict, I'm sure the year 2008 will mostly be remembered as the worst year in the financial market history. I think everyone would agree that the most defining moment for 2008 financial turmoil was the collapse of investmant bank Lehman Brothers which created a domino effect that put a the entire global financial system at risk. In fact, right after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, other major financial institutions in the US such as the AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and many others admitted failure. At the stock markets, almost every asset class lost significant value. Many people from all walks of life have had a punishing year financially in 2008. Billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Laskmi Mittal, the Ambani brothers, Warren Buffet were among others who've lost billions of dollars during the turmoil. Small fish like me, losing some $$$ in my portfolio can also be very painful. Let's just hope for better prospects in 2009, or will there be??

Happy New Year!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Pics - KL

Photos below taken during our trip to KL last month. I planned to do a lot of street photography, but the heat, sudden heavy rain and loaded tummy really discouraged me to do so.


My view of the Petronas Towers. I actually wanted to take night shots of these towers with its glorious lights, but our evenings were pretty occupied till late.


The LRT over Jln Sultan Ismail and Bukit Bintang. The development in KL has been rapid and impressive. Traffic congestion is quite major in this city, therefore the LRT was built as a way for travellers to avoid heavy traffic in KL especially during peak hours. Other forms of public transport like buses are medicore, and taxi drivers can be notorious for haggling over fares.


Part of the Pavillion Mall (view from our hotel room). Exactly 2 years ago, at an almost similar room location, I can only see construction labourers working on the pilings, concretes etc.



Local jazz band performing at the Starhill lobby & lounge

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's up??

Little cousin and nephew being so excited with the lens. DSC_5745
To all my relatives, friends and colleagues, it was such a pleasure catching with some of you last month. Especially to all the relatives, click here for more pics..will upload more soon.

To my "Night at the Grudge" buddies, that night was such a blast..we should do that on a weekly basis next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love Your Fruits...

Pictures taken at Sao Paulo's Municipal Market (Central Market)during my working trip summer last year.


This fruit stall is one of the many that could be found in the market. However, this particular stall is quite popular and frequented by trourists at all times - he seems to be the only vendor who understands and speaks English fairly well.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello Angels


Definitely not Charlie's Angels..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

LPGA Canadian Women's Open Pt. II

On Wednesday afternoon, I managed to take few photos during the CN Open practice round. Hoping to bump into Natalie Gulbis and Annika Sorenstam, but I came a bit late. Luckily Lorena Ochoa was still playing and all I can say is that definitely there's a huge difference between us the amateurs and the pros...

Click to enlarge photos...

Lorena Ochoa

Not sure who's bag..

Another thing that I noticed is that there's an increasing number of LPGA pros from Asia, the Koreans in particular. And of course not to forget Yani Tseng from Taiwan who recently won the 2008 LPGA Championship. Unlike Michelle Wie, Yani Tseng is quite humble and is more disciplined.

Me and the misus will be watching the second round later this afternoon. Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed..I should have asked for media accreditation earlier...haha. More pics of the practice round here